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3D print Kobe beef soon on our plates?


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Alt Farm is a startup in Hong Kong that has started producing food from plant proteins, all thanks to 3D printing. In particular, they have developed a nozzle to be able to include very specific substances in their products, thus reproducing the appearance of meat. And if we’re talking about that today, it’s because Alt Farm is striving to imitate the famous Wagyu beef, a breed from the Kobe region – you’ve certainly heard of Kobe beef, one of the dearest beef in the world. The startup in particular will work with a mixture of pea, soy and algae proteins to 3D print a steak.

Projects related to food printing are not new: from chocolate to sweets, including dishes compatible with certain dietary restrictions, the market has seen the development of many initiatives. And the meat is not spared! Many players have already decided to provide an alternative to raising livestock by offering vegan products that look like steak. So, yeah, we’re not talking about 3D-printed meat in the strict sense because it’s a matter of designing foods based on plant proteins. But these are projects that have an existing feature.

The Kobe breed of beef is the source of the most expensive steaks in the world

Alt Farm and Kobe Beef 3D Printing

In the case of the Alt Farm startup, it comes first of all to work on the decorations. Kenny Fong, General Manager of Alt Farm explains:We have developed a patented nozzle with which enzymatic biochemical reactions can be carried out to solidify the printed product and create various materials such as the fibrous tissue of plant-based meat products. Our first goal is to make vegan products, but technology allows us to modify 3D printed foods so they have the most textures, from chewy to crunchy, etc. The herbal products market is our number one target because it is growing so fast and has the scale and innovation to support our simultaneous growth as well.. “

As you’ll understand, Alt Farm is powered by vegetable proteins: this mixture is extruded layer by layer through a dedicated nozzle in order to reproduce the look and texture of a steak in the mouth. The startup now takes meat from Waygu, a Japanese breed of beef famous for its quality but also its high price — we’re talking about a kilo over $1,000 here. It claims to use pea, soy, and seaweed proteins with added fats, flavors, and cocoa, coconut, and coconut butters.

The Alt Farm team (Image credits: Alt Farm)

From this combination, Alt Farm would be able to 3D print a Waygu steak in just 4 hours. You first want to engage with the Chinese and Australian markets, which you have identified as an important source of income. The first prototype should be presented on the market in 2023. We will not fail to update you!

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