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A week of 3D printing #327


The weekly summary of 3D printing begins with this technology to restore the mobility of amputees in Sierra Leone. New 3D printers are on the list this week with the Sovol SV01 Pro, the first echoes of a new ultra-fast (400 mm/sec) FLSUN printer and two SLA production tools at 3D Systems. Finally, discover this DIY turntable project to display models and other things.

3D printing against amputations in Sierra Leone

Amputations are more common in Africa than in Europe, including Sierra Leone. The mistake of the late health system and the consequences of the civil war that ended twenty years ago. An association works to restore mobility to people with disabilities by providing them with it Custom 3D printed suit, in a country where access to care only is already complicated for a portion of the population. 3D scanning and printing of a prosthetic arm or leg on the Ultimaker, not to mention rehab for young and old.

Sovol SV01 Pro

Barely announced but available in June in Europe Sovol SV01 Pro Looks like he’s found his audience! At the crossroads between the first generation of SV01 and SV04, the SV01 Pro borrows thisFull metal extruder direct drive From the latter with improvement of some points of the former. For example, it includes a file CR touch To settle an effective and automated platform or even 32 bit motherboard Equipped Silent TMC 2208 Drivers. For the rest of the technical characteristics, feel free to refer to the comparison tool or the official product page.

Mango 3D / Lychee Slicer is recruiting

If you want to work in the region, in Bordeaux, 3D mango Looking for multiple profiles to develop lychee slicer. This is the company the famous YouTuber works for Polly Warshop, who is leveraging his channel to find four permanent employees in the future: 3D Developer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Assistant + Community Manager, Office Manager. More information below or at this link.

3D Systems SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual

American manufacturer 3D Systems Introduced new stereolithography printers. baptized ALS 750 And SLA 750 Dual, these industrial production tools can print at a maximum size of 750 x 750 x 550 mm with completely independent operation. In fact, continuous production is possible with full automation (printing unloading, washing and integration) thanks to the complement Postcure 1050. The Dual is the world’s first synchronous laser SLA printer.

FLSun V400 يقترب approaches

Since last week, manufacturer FLSun best known for its 3D printers (including the Super Racer SR) has been teasing a new machine. It’s about FLSUN V400, a printer whose community collects all details related to the forum as soon as it is revealed. The first photo unveiled leaves no doubt, the machine is built to run fast, even faster than the Super Racer with 150mm/sec as we’re talking about 400mm/sec print speed with acceleration 8000 mm/sec ! However, there are still many questions such as the size and especially the print size of the V400.

DIY turntable

To view their thumbnails, Crushers similar to turntable under FreeCAD. It was the standard of his design simplicity and theEconomie. With this in mind, use a rotary motor for a microwave oven with a ball bearing of its own design. Everything is installed in a mirror-covered 3D printed box for a high-end finish. For more details, discover all stages of his project in the forum.


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