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Are TikTok life hack videos actually hidden ‘fetish’ videos?

Are TikTok life hack videos actually hidden 'fetish' videos?
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TikTok is filled with various content such as life hacking videos that are often limited, bizarre, and silly — but does this type of popular content have a core feature of attracting viewers with sex fetishes?

From using buttered bread to cornbread on the cob to making a foot bar, along with rubbing bananas on feet to help dry skin, these ways of life are often bizarre and preposterous.

Now, some viewers have pointed to literal videos — some from one of the largest life hack accounts with 11 million followers — that they believe have sexual undertones — despite TikTok’s guidelines banning “content that depicts sexual fetishism.”

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As a result of the video’s popularity on social media, adult PornHub now has videos tagged under a popular crafting page, BBCmentioned.

Feet are often at the center of some videos (a well known fetish) while other TikTok videos include “tinkering” with decorating a cake, and taking a shower while wearing jeans to make it easier to button up.

TikToker Lydia Love (@goddesslydiaxo), who says she’s “seen and heard it all” after doing “spicy stuff for the past six years,” has gone viral by highlighting the point in some life hacking videos.

“There are some specific things that set me apart,” said Lydia. 9- Honey.

“What I’ve noticed on these accounts that post fetish content is that they kind of have a variety of different things that they’re posting, but they’re also related to the same topic.”

While TikToker Lena Rae (@lenarae.lh) has been a hit on the platform with her viral series “Is this fetish content?” Where she duo on a life hack and gives her opinion on whether there is a hidden X-rated message.

According to the BBC, TikTok reviewed some of the clips they reported such as silicone feet as well as smashed bananas underfoot and the company said those videos did not violate its rules.

Alex Fox, a writer, broadcaster, and sex expert, explained to the publication how it’s “extremely difficult to prove” videos designed specifically for those with fetishes in mind.

She said, “The lines between what is omniscient and what nerds will want to see – versus pure coincidence … are becoming increasingly blurred.”

Although these craft videos have been a hit on Facebook and Instagram, they’ve also popped up on TikTok thanks to an algorithm and engagement from viewers that rewards creators who “bring in money,” according to Fox.

“It doesn’t matter if that comment is positive or negative, sexual or innocent,” Fox noted in the revenue stream and expressed concern about the potential for younger viewers to be exposed to this type of adult content and discussion.

She added, “Young people are exposed to disturbing and sexual things on the Internet, whether intentionally or not.”

Indy100 has reached out to TikTok for comment.

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