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Dorm Room Hacks for College life – Technique

Dorm Room Hacks for College life – Technique
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We’ve all been there, comfortably settling into a new abode when we realize we’ve fallen out of a much-needed item, or halfway through a semester only to realize we never really were. moved into our space.

With limited space, it can be difficult to get the most out of college housing, but it’s all about balancing personal preference with practicality. This way, you will feel comfortable living there for some of the most important years of your life.

we are in TechniqueIn addition, I have curated a few items that you should consider bringing into your abode to make sure you stay organized while optimizing space for all your belongings.

Here are some recommendations for items that can be invested in your room. While we highly recommend these items, you will definitely find your playlist of supplies you may need to stock up on Throughout the year.

Invest in an organizer

The organizer (under bed organizers, shoe organizers, etc.) is important in A small space like a dorm.

The storage ottoman will allow you to put any blankets, shoes, or other items you choose to hide out of sight. Bonus points if you can get an ottoman that can double as a stool or step stool to access your loft bed.

Bedroom organizers will allow you to arrange all your items in the most optimal way Make good use of your space.

Under bed clothes cubes will allow you to store any seasonal items you won’t need at the start of the semester, which we recommend placing under your bed or stacking in your locker.

If you get fabric storage cubes, you will be able to protect your items from dust and have more storage space for stacking several cubes on top of each other.

If you get some clothes storage containers that have clear windows, they will let you know which ones are which Items you packed away.

Bed accessories

Consider having a bedside stand or shelf your bed.

If you choose to make your bed a loft, having a bedside caddy will be very useful to store your items for quick and easy access.

One option is to get a canvas caddy that you can hang on the headboard steps, but you can also Get a bedside shelf instead.

The bedside shelf works well as a nightstand and is attached to bed frame.

The shelf can usually hold up to 15 lbs and serves as a good place to keep your books, phone and charger And a water bottle.

kitchen tools

The apartment-style dormitory rooms include a kitchen space with a fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave. Other than that, you will need to bring your supplies.

Common items to consider include utensils, cutting boards, oven mitts, Cups and plates.

In addition, if you plan to cook, it can be helpful to have a basic supply of seasonings on hand – salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, coriander, Cayenne and so on.

cleaning equipment

Think about the basics. It’s always easy to forget the little things we used to have.

As class approaches, you’ll need cleaning supplies like bleach, rubber gloves, disinfecting wipes, dish soap, and sponges.

Try to think of basic items that you might use for both Final touches and deep cleaning.

In addition, you will most likely need a vacuum to maintain carpets from time to time.

Laundry basket/bag

This is an important item that will allow you to keep your clothes off the floor and take them to the laundry rooms in your abode with ease, especially if you Can get one with wheels.

If you get a laundry bag with drawstrings, you can hang it on your bed frame, in your closet, or wherever you like out of the way to create more open space.

water filters

Bringing a Brita filter to college is a nice splurge, as you can always filter your drinking water to fill your water bottle or coffee maker.

If you’re going to get a Brita, be sure to bring extra filters as well. The water jug ​​will let you know when the filter is ready for replacement.

You want to make sure you’re drinking clean water! In the dorms, you will get your drinking water either from the fountain or the kitchen sink, so having a handheld water filter will enable you to move back and forth easily to fill it up.

Hanging storage for space

Adding a fabric shelving system to hang on a wardrobe rod will allow you to maximize your storage space next to your relationships.

The fabric hanging shelf allows you to keep floor space free, leaving room for shoes, luggage or boxes.

Side table storage

If you have the space for it, the utility cart will give you a dedicated place to put anything you want from snack essentials, books, coffee maker, shower products or whatever you want. It is preferable to use a cart with wheels as it allows you to move it around to facilitate access.

extra blankets

The weather in Georgia is often unpredictable, so having a few extra blankets for extra warmth during the colder months will do the trick. be useful.

The bed in your dorm is a Twin XL, so getting Twin XL blankets will be a good investment.

A bed rest pillow and weighted blanket are also cozy additions When you want to relax.


If you want to make your room festive, you can invest in some lights, decorations, or anything that makes the room reflect your personality.

An extension cord is great if you need to connect multiple things around your side of the apartment.

Common decorations include posters, white LED lights (also known as “fairy lights”), tapestries, notes from friends and family or anything of sentimental value that reminds you of home.

For a more ambitious setup, if you can get hold of a portable projector and a large whiteboard, you can turn your abode into a mini-theatre.

Try to make a list of all the things you’ll need by category to ensure you have everything you need for the class. For example, the things you will use in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and so on.

The opportunity to grow your own space can be daunting, but we hope these tips have helped guide you along the way the operation.

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