How much does it cost to create a professional website?


Creating a website is essential to increasing the reputation of a company or association. Depending on the specific needs and options chosen, a professional website can have different costs. Here are some tips for estimating the budget needed for your project.

How much does it cost to create a professional website?

It seems that having a website is a must for all companies or organizations that want to quickly gain notoriety. Essential in implementing an effective digital marketing plan, this tool is valuable to managers. Thus, a website can serve as an online showcase for a small or medium-sized brand to present all its offerings. Besides the excellent advertising campaign, a professional web platform can increase the turnover of users significantly.

Many companies in the world have ensured their growth thanks to the creation of high-quality websites. However, such a strategy necessarily has a cost. In fact, the price of a quality website can depend on several factors such as the nature of the site, service provider, functionality or design. It also takes into account your preferences and the budget you are willing to spend. Learn all about the price needed to build a quality website.

Construction cost by site type

The Location(s Businesses typically have 12-15 landing pages. It may also contain a file Blog And features like online booking Lineor e-commerce or even scheduling. There are 04 types of websites website Dedicated to companies. They have the advantage of allowing traffic to be generated and giving visibility to products and services on Internet. Each of them requires a income specific.

landing pages

Create a landing page

The landing page is your gallery website Various ranges of products and services. Visitors who connect to this type of website are welcome to Give their contact details. This could be their email address, phone number, or even their postal address. Then, the web entrepreneur has the opportunity to contact them to convert them into customers. This location variant also allows you to create a large database of potential customers thanks to, for example, Google Analytics. average cost for Landing pages 500 euros. However, the cost of creating a professional website can Develop up to 1500 euros If you did not previously have a digital work interface.

View sites

View website creation

a location an offer It is a platform that generally presents the company, its products and services in addition to its daily activities. The creation of this site also provides information about the operation of the company and the various offers it offers. to get Establishing from website View, you may need to invest Website creation costs between 2000 and 7000 euros. The final rendering depends on the degree of personalization you want for a file location Internet an offer.

Note that the main cost of this type of site in design and writing. If you already have a logo, graphic charter and text to supply to your service provider, you can get a cheaper price.

e-commerce sites

Create an e-commerce website

An e-commerce site designates a type of website that can act as an intermediary to achieve a file Buy or sell online. It allows your company to sell its products directly to Internet customers. Payments on e-commerce websites are generally made using many available electronic payment methods. It is integrated into the site to facilitate the payment process for customers. Take into account Many features required by this type of site for transaction security, it may contain a file recovery location Internet more important. The Minimum budget Having a high-quality e-commerce website is 20000 Euro. This is amazing The price for creating a website can be around 50,000 euros When you want a more advanced, functional merchant platform.

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specific locations

Create a specific site

Website specific is a somewhat special category of web interface. It was created to meet specific business needs in general. The latter may, for example, want to create a site to connect their employees or just to schedule appointments with their clients. The Website price Of this kind depends partly on the provider and can be around 500 euros.

Cost by type of provider

There are several ways to create a website to achieve your goal. You have the choice of doing it yourself or giving the responsibility to an agency website to create a file digital store. Using a freelancer also allows for more systematic and creative work.

Create a website by yourself

The solution The easiest way to create your own website while saving you some time is to use it WordPress. This is amazing CMS It consists of pre-designed website templates that do not require any knowledge of web development. To do this, you must first request technical support from a host. Average cost to get Residence Online it is 70 euros / year. then your project It will require choosing a domain name. This is similar to your online chart. You can get it from 10 euros. After these first two steps, go to Download and install WordPress as a file PHP on your computer. You can also use the online version by going to Once in the platform, you will find several website templates that you can customize according to your preference.

The next step of Establishing Your website will consist of adding plugins for additional functionality. Your site is almost ready and usually already visible on the Internet. You can now write and upload contents to it to fill every tab in the site. Finally, click on Publish to make it accessible to Internet users. However, the inclusion of some features on the site may require payment to upgrade your basic offer. It is highly recommended to use the premium version of WordPress when you want to have a professional quality website. It can cost you up to 100 euros. Other details to consider are maintenance Patrol for your new site. In fact, it is advisable to integrate anti-malware security software to avoid the risks of hacking your website. These programs are generally available from €100.

The cost elements summary is as follows;

  • Accommodation: 70 euros.
  • Domain name: €10;
  • version upgrade: €100;
  • Security software: 100 euros.

And therefore , A self-designed website costs at least 280€. Like WordPress, there are many other website builders like MagmentoAnd Jimdo or Drupal It allows you to have pre-built websites for a monthly payment. However, with these solutions, you may encounter minimal outside help if something goes wrong. There is also the risk of getting too rough a site security and speed improvement.

Hire a Freelancer

Freelance translator is a freelance developer with linguistic knowledge and capabilities CSSOr HTML or XML. Many self-employed people are famous in this field in France or in Madagascar It can be accessed through freelance work sites. However, unlike the first alternative where you can create your site yourself in a few minutes, working here can sometimes take 2-3 weeks. A freelance professional can charge you a fee by the hour or per day, depending on the importance of your digital project. The Pricing Create the siteIncludes web development and design mods. It will vary depending on your choices in terms of design and function.

independent developer

On average, you should expect Pay 1000 to 5000 Euro to develop your website. In addition, the price of creating a website by a freelancer depends on:

  • Technology selection
  • Features;
  • design specification;
  • personalization;
  • Freelance experience level.

The advantages of choosing an independent worker are varied. In fact, you will not need to be involved in the coding and design of the site. You will be provided with an array of customized features and add-ons. You finally get a secure site with an optimal speed level. The selection of the freelancer should be done after careful selection and verification of skills. Remember that you are not only choosing a freelance employee, but a long-term collaborator. In fact, they will take care of moving and maintaining your site if you have no programming skills.

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Hiring a web agency

petition a an agency website It’s the perfect way, but it’s also the most affordable way to build a high-quality website. This service provider has qualified and competent resources ready to provide you with a professional website within the required time frame. This solution represents a reasonable investment in exchange for exceptional quality work. In addition to designing the interface of your business, the web agency also offers many other services to customize and brand your website. This type of professional is allowed to provide services such as site management and animation. Content writing, natural referral on Google, or even visual creation is their specialty as well.

web design agency

However, this set of services has a cost. Expect to pay a The price ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 euros When you want to work with a web agency. It can make you benefit from a package with access to maintenance Daily. In addition, periodic professional advice on site and hosting security, various options for customizing and integrating enterprise tools are offered. You may also be required to pay an additional fee to update your website parameters.

To choose the perfect partner, you must ensure that the support client who is he Quality, to make sure you contact the right expert. Check the agency’s portfolio first and look at the agency’s past accomplishments to get an idea of ​​the outcome you’re likely to achieve. You can also refer to the reviews customers On the agency’s website to make a decision.


Know that if you want to have a professional website for your business, you should Prepare a budget of at least 1,000 euros. By choosing to invest more, professionals in this field will provide you with a platform tailored to you with the best jobs.


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