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How To Reset A Verifone Card Reader: The Ultimate Guide

how to reset a verifone card reader
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Have you ever been dissatisfied with an unresponsive Verifone cardsetter? It could be that the device has stopped working and unresponsive, or it’s display error messages aren’t able to fix. In such situations, resetting to reset your Verifone card reader could be an easy and effective way to bring it back to functioning effortlessly. But, with a variety of resets that are available, and numerous ways to troubleshoot this process may seem confusing or overwhelming. In this guide we’ll help you navigate the steps needed to restore you Verifone card reader and provide useful tips and techniques throughout the process. You may be a business owner seeking to solve technical issues or a person trying to solve a issue with your device for payment this guide has all you need covered.

Common problems For Verifone card readers

If you are faced with diagnosing the issue with a Verifone card reader first, you must to determine the issue. Here are some typical problems that you could encounter with your device:

Screens that are unresponsive or frozen The issue could occur when the device is loaded or it is caused by a program issue.

The error message: Verifone card readers may show various error messages, for example “connection error” or “card not read,” that can be a sign of a range of issues.

Problems with power or batteries A dead battery or malfunctioning power source could make the system shut down abruptly or cease to function properly.

Issues with connectivity: Verifone card readers require an internet connection in order for operation, and problems connected to the internet can lead to problems or delays in processing.

how to reset a verifone card reader

Troubleshooting methods to pinpoint the issue

To resolve these issues and pinpoint the cause, try these steps:

Make sure the power source is working Make sure that your device is recharged or linked to the power source. If the problem persists you can try another connection or source of power.

Start the device again: A restart or soft reset could help to solve the problem. For this, follow these steps to reset your particular Verifone device model.

Be sure to check for updates to your software Check for updates to your device: Ensure that it has the latest software version. Updates could include bug fixes or performance enhancements.

Examine for physical damage: Check your device for physical damage, like scratches or cracks, which could be hindering its performance.

Here are some frequently asked questions that address identifying and troubleshooting problems related to Verifone reader cards:

Q I have a Verifone card reader displays errors. What can I do?

The first step is to you can restart verifone card reader by doing a soft reset or reboot. If the issue continues you should check for software updates or call Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Q What’s wrong? Verifone card reader doesn’t come on. What’s the issue?

A: Examine the power source and ensure that your device is fully powered or is connected to the power source. If the problem persists you can try an alternative connection or source of power. If the device doesn’t switch on, you can contact Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Q I have a question: My Verifone card reader takes an extended time to finish transactions. What is the cause?

A: The slow processing time can be caused by problems with connectivity, depleted battery, or an outdated software. Reset the device and try examining whether the source of power is working, and then updating the software to check if the issue has improved. If the issue continues you can call Verifone customer support for more assistance.

password for verifone vx520
 password verifone vx520

What is a soft reset?

A very popular methods to reset Verifone’s card reader is to perform the soft reset. The process involves restarting the device and not losing any settings or data it can be simple and fast to fix a variety of problems. This article will show you how to do an automatic reset on the Verifone Card reader

How do you do the process of a soft reset for the Verifone card reader?

Hold and press the Power button until the display turns off.

Press the Power button and release it after which you will have to wait for several minutes.

Hold and press the Power button for a second time until the device reboots after which it appears that the Verifone logo is displayed.

Press the Power button, then hold it until the phone complete booting up.

In the event that the reset fails to fix the issue, then you might need to try an even more complex reset, or contact Verifone customer service for additional assistance.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding soft resets for you Verifone readers:

Q: Will a soft reset erase my data or settings?

A Reset that is soft: A reset resets only the device, but it doesn’t erase settings or data.

Q What’s the best way to do a soft reset of the Verifone Card Reader?

A Reset that is soft is typically only required when you experience some specific issue or issue in the device. Making a soft reset too often is not required and could cause further issues.

Q: What happens if the soft reset isn’t able to resolve my problem?

A When the Soft Reset fails to solve your issue, you can attempt a more complex reset, or contact Verifone customer service for additional assistance.

verifone password vx520

How to perform a hard reset on your Verifone card reader

If you’ve tried troubleshooting procedures however the Verifone card reader not functioning properly it is possible that you need to conduct an verifone card reader reset. The hard reset can be a extreme way for resetting the device. It erases all settings and data and restores the device to its original condition. Although a reset could help with more serious problems that are affecting issues with your Verifone Card Reader (or verifone pinpad reset) however, it should be used only in the last instance as it could lead to the loss of vital information.

To do a hard reset on the Verifone card reader Follow these steps:

Turn out of the gadget by pressing your power button a few seconds until the device is shut down.

Hold your “F” key and “7” keys simultaneously, and then turn on the device by pressing the power button.

Let go of your “F” and “7” keys after the device shows “Enter Password.”

Input the password default “1 Alpha Alpha 66831” and then press “Enter.”

The device will show “System Mode.” Select the arrows “System,” then press “Enter.”

Choose “Clear RAM” and press “Enter.”

The device will ask for you to affirm the setting. Choose “Yes” and press “Enter.”

verifone vx520 password

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning a complete reset of the Verifone cards:

Q: Will hard resets erase all my information and settings?

A Yes, a reset will erase all information and settings, and restore your device back to its original state.

Do I require any equipment or software to carry out the hard reset?

A Reset that is a hard reset is possible with only your device’s buttons as well as keys.

Q: What do I do when your Verifone Card Reader is not working even after an unreset?

A: If your device continues to malfunction after the hard reset, you can contact Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Steps on how to reboot verifone card reader

A lot of questions are asked to support including how to reboot a verifone card reader or how to restart verifone card machine or how to restart a verifone card reader? and how to restart verifone card reader?

If your Verifone card reader has become inactive or frozen it is possible to do an easy verifone reset or reboot to bring it running again. Here are the steps you can follow to restart your device:

Press your power button on for 10 second or until the device shuts off.

Take a moment before pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the device comes back on.

The Verifone card reader will be rebooted and ready to use.

A rebooting process can provide many advantages to the Verifone cardsetter, for example, fixing software issues, freeing memory, and increasing processing speed. A reboot can assist in preventing the occurrence of any future issues with technology and boost overall performance.

signal 11 caught application halted verifone

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning restarting you Verifone credit card:

Q What is the recommended frequency to restart the Verifone credit card?

Q: It’s great routine to reboot every every week to ensure it is running efficiently. It is possible that you need to restart more often if you encounter technical problems.

Q: Will restarting the Verifone card reader erase any settings or data?

The answer is no, restarting your device won’t erase any settings or data that is stored. It’s an excellent idea to backup your settings and data regularly to prevent any loss.

Q: What can I do in the event that I have a Verifone card reader doesn’t restart?

A In the event that your device doesn’t reboot, try an difficult reset (see how to reset verifone card reader section) or call Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Q: How do I reset verifone pinpad?

A: To do verifone pin pad reset, you should follow these easy steps:

  • You must hold down the 1 3, 5 keys and the 9 at the same time on the pinpad.
  • While you are still pressing the keys, disconnect the pinpad from power sources.
  • Take a few minutes, before plugging the pinpad again.
  • Continue pressing the 1 3, 5 or 9 keys, until your pinpad starts to boot up and displays “Enter Password.”

After this you should be able to tell that your Verifone pinpad is now successfully reset. If you have any other problems or the device is not reset in the manner you expect You can reach Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Updating Your Verifone Card Reader

Maintaining the Verifone card reader up-to-date is vital to ensure maximum performance as well as avoiding security threats. Verifone regularly releases software updates that contain bugs fixes, new features and security improvements. Here’s how to upgrade the software on your Verifone credit card:

connect your gadget to the web. Ensure you have an stable internet connection, whether it’s Wi-Fi or cell data.

Check for updates: Go into the “Settings” menu on your Verifone card reader, and then select “Software Update” to check for updates available.

Install the update If you have an update accessible, just follow the steps for downloading and installing it. The process could take some time to be completed.

It is crucial to keep your device current

If you keep you Verifone card reader current to ensure it functions smoothly and safely as well as protecting you as well as your customers’ financial details. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the process of updating the Verifone readers:

Q What is the recommended frequency to make sure to update the firmware on my Verifone credit card?

A: Verifone recommends that you be sure to check for software updates at least once per month and install any updates immediately.

Q: Will changing the data on my Verifone card erase all my personal data?

A The answer is no updating the software on your device does not erase any information stored on the device.

Q What happens if I do not upgrade the firmware on my Verifone credit card?

A Failure to update the software on your device could cause security issues, performance issues and a possible non-compliance to industry standard.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

Alongside resetting your Verifone card reader, there are many additional tips and tricks that you can utilize to resolve any other issues you have in the device. Here are some commonly asked questions and solutions to help learn more about how to maintain you Verifone readers:

Q: What can I do when I find that my Verifone card reader isn’t taking my customer’s credit card?

A C. In the event that the Verifone card reader isn’t accepting a card from a customer ensure that the card is correctly inserted and the reader is clean as well as the magnetic stripe has not been damaged. If the issue persists Try resetting the device or calling Verifone customer support for more assistance.

Q: How do stop the Verifone Card Reader from freezing or going into a crash?

A: To avoid the Verifone cards from freezing up or failing to function ensure that you keep it updated with the most recent software version. It is also recommended to stay clear of using the device in very hot or in humid areas, as it could affect the performance of the device. In addition, do not install any unwanted programs or applications on the device , as they could cause it to slow down.

Q How often should I take care to clean the Verifone Card Reader?

A: It is recommended to clean the Verifone readers at least once per week to ensure that it is operating at its best. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the device and get rid of any dirt or debris that might have built up. Be cautious not to use any aggressive chemicals or materials that may cause harm to the device.

Q: Do you have any best practices to maintain the integrity of my Verifone credit card?

A Absolutely, you can follow many best practices for keeping the integrity of your Verifone credit card. They include regular updates to the software on the device cleaning the device, avoid extreme temperatures or humid environments and treating the device with care to avoid physical damage.

By following these additional suggestions and tricks, and using the best practices to maintain you Verifone card reader you will be able to ensure that the device functions effortlessly and effectively, thus reducing the chance of experiencing technical problems or malfunctions. Be aware that if you have any issues regarding any issues with your Verifone readers, you don’t have to be afraid contact customer support to get assistance.


Setting up your Verifone card reader is an easy and effective way to solve the technical problems and to ensure the device functions smoothly. If you follow the steps in this article it is easy to restart the Verifone card reader and resolve any other issues that might be arising. Also, adopting best practices to maintain your device will help to decrease the chance of experiencing technical problems or malfunctions, and ensure that your device is operating at its peak performance.

We hope this guide will provide you with the information and tools for resetting you Verifone credit card and ensure the best performance of your device. If you have additional queries or concerns, do not be afraid to contact Verifone customer service for assistance. Thanks for reading and have a great time troubleshooting!

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