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Ignore TikTok and Stop Putting Cleaning Liquid in Your Toilet Tank

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If you spend enough time on TikTok, you probably will He ran across a video of someone brutalizing a bottle of Fabuloso detergent With a comment like, “I had to try this hack!” After making a hole in the plastic bottle, they will place it in their toilet tank and then show you how the toilet water turns the same color as the detergent. This is amazing allegedly Helps clean the toilet with every flush and spreads a pleasant scent.

By now, you should know that it is skeptical from TikTok Cleaning or hacking into the house, but this seems more harmless at first glance. so sDo you? Well, no.

Reduces toilet flushing power

The number one reason you should avoid putting a bottle of cleaning solution in your sink is that it takes up space that water should take up – and that reduces the toilet’s flushing power. Bomisch points out, a resource guide for home renovation that if you use a standard 45-ounce Fabuloso bottle to flush, you reduce the amount of water used per flush from 1.6 gallons to 1.2, which is “not enough for a powerful flush system, especially if you want to keep the poop from sticking to the toilet.”

So in the name of cleanliness, you will be loved– Perfumed water…but not all of your poop. Does not make sense.

You may actually cause damage to your toilet

If you are thinking of double flushing or even flushing the toilet It didn’t actually stop youKeep this in mind depending on the cleaning product you use Stick in your tankThey may also cause toilet parts to deteriorate over time. Parts made of plastic and rubber especially susceptible to damage from chemicals.

Spruce Toilets, a manufacturer in space, also warns Cleaners designed for floors and other surfaces onlyn’t is for toilets –At least not in it size or consistency. You’re risking your valves and connecting parts by letting those chemicals run over them all the time, so “one day you’re going to have to replace everything in your toilet if you want to keep using it.”

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