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Maximize your space: Interior designing hacks to create more space in your home

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Storage issues are a common concern in an ever-growing culture of consumption and the desire to buy more. However, there are many ways to make use of the space and improve it with the right interior design. In modern homes, storage solutions are integrated into the overall home design, rather than being an afterthought. This can include the use of built-in wardrobes, hidden storage areas, and multi-functional pieces of furniture. The goal is to maximize storage without compromising the overall aesthetic of the space. Additionally, modern homes often include open floor plans, which can be used to create a sense of spaciousness, while providing ample storage options. (Also read: Home decor and interior design tips to make your bedroom look bigger )

“Interior designers and furniture experts are constantly creating new and innovative storage solutions, from well-designed plays of drawers and shelves to dressers to benches with storage to camouflaged armoires to folding beds and much more. But the question is whether this new surge is the result of play. With no space or whether it belongs to a simple aesthetic idea.Today, comfort takes precedence over everything else.People realize that a home is much more than a shelter, so it is important that your home is equipped to provide you with the right comfort and luxury, with innovations and new discoveries in design that are happening every day to complement evolving urban lifestyles,” says Sir Cyrus Moody, Founder and Managing Partner, Viceroy Properties Ltd, in a conversation with HT Lifestyle.

He also shared some important design elements for maximizing storage.

1. Embedded Units: Built-in cupboards can provide ample storage space while also blending seamlessly with the overall design of a home. This can include kitchen cabinets, built-in bookshelves, and wardrobes.

2. Multifunctional Furniture: Furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as ottomans with built-in storage or beds with built-in drawers can provide more options without taking up extra space.

3. Hidden Storage: Incorporating hidden storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers or lift-up beds, can make the most of unused space and keep the overall home design uncluttered.

4. Designated Storage: Having a dedicated storage space is much more efficient and useful than general storage lockers, where everything is thrown away and nothing can be found. Today one has the option of a modified utility room closet that accommodates laundry baskets, providing a dedicated space for each item.

5. Open floor charts: Modern homes often feature open floor plans that create a sense of spaciousness, offer design flexibility and improve property value, while still providing ample storage options.

6. Wall Mounted Storage: Wall-mounted storage options that include shelves, display racks, and hooks, among other items, can help keep things off the floor and provide more room to store more items than usual.

7. Ensure the safety and care of children: A well-designed storage unit in the kid’s room is suitable for storing all the unwanted toys and accessories and also prevents the space from getting cluttered.

8. Smart Storage: Modern homes tend to incorporate smart storage solutions, such as smart closet organizers, etc. that help you optimize your storage space and make your stored items easier to access.

Making the most of available space in storage units not only add space but also highlight the purpose of home furnishings. However, sometimes getting rid of certain items due to an emotional attachment or memories associated with it can be difficult. Thus, having dedicated storage options for less frequently used items can help free up space for frequently used items.

Implementing better organizing techniques, such as using storage bins or containers, can help make stored items easier to access and keep spaces clutter-free, while creating a functional and clutter-free living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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