Seven things women need to know about money


Some inspiring tips to change the way you think about it

Seven things women need to know about money © Freepik

The pandemic has transformed our relationship with money, prompting millions around the world to think about their safety net, review their spending, and start investing to fund long-term goals.

However, it is still very depressing to talk about women and money.

The wage gap between men and women has widened, our pensions tend to be paltry, we live longer, and we spend more of our lives caring for others, all of which has a negative impact on our finances.

Today, the cost of living crisis only adds to our concerns, as inflation wipes out cash savings as volatility returns to global stock markets.
As a finance writer for more than 20 years, I fear that focusing on the negatives is an additional obstacle to our fight. If a woman is in very bad shape financially, why bother?

In the spirit of the 2022 theme Breaking the Stigma, I’d like to offer you some inspiring ideas about money that might change the way you think. In the seven areas below, I hope you’ll find concrete ideas that women around the world can put into practice.

1. What is financial independence

Despite all the negativity about women’s finances, I would like to highlight the most important positive: a sense of financial independence.

I would define it as going from feeling overwhelmed with finances to feeling more in control, making your own decisions, setting financial priorities, and developing effective habits, such as budgeting, to help you achieve your goals.

“The problem is that […]

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