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Survey the World creates an ecosystem for museum artifacts through 3D scanning


Photo: Artec 3D

The digital collection, hosted on Google Arts & Culture, will include objects from museums around the world.

When 3D printing technology doesn’t allow Recreation of ancient artifacts for museumsit allows you to create a digital collection that will last forever, as it currently is scan the world for museums around the world. This open source virtual museum is driven by a community initiative whose mission is to share 3D sculptures and cultural artifacts using 3D scanning technologies.

The community will use a Artec Eva Portable Scanner To digitize 3D sculptures, artwork and historical artifacts, and produce a vast ecosystem of digital cultural heritage to view, share, download and print free of charge via the online community Google Arts and Culture. By making culture accessible, communities are encouraged to share their stories and creations with the goal of bringing tangible heritage to the masses.

One of the first steps for the Scan the World team will be to digitize a reputable group in Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg in 2022. With a library of hundreds of 3D artifacts spanning 4,000 years of human history, Artec Eva will provide an ideal solution to make this collection accessible to the world, while Artec Studio’s Photogrammetry Tool 16 will ensure that the museum’s highlights are Capture it in all its vibrant, colorful detail.

Scan the World is pleased to enter into this partnership with Artec 3D to share the 3D-printable heritage with the world‘, announced Jonathan Beck, founder and director of Scan the World. ” Combining the world’s powerful community scanning, storytelling, and item archiving with the latest hardware from Artec 3D, it’s a very exciting time for the future of high-quality 3D scanned artwork.. »

Artec Eva powered by HD mode

The professional, portable Artec Eva 3D scanning solution captures objects of almost any type, including those with black and glossy surfaces, making it ideal for historical antiques, sculptures, and other types of art. In addition, Eva’s high-resolution Artec 3D mode, based on a neural network – enhanced by Artec Studio 16 – allows rebuilding almost twice as fast, and can capture a wide range of objects with crisp detail.

Artec 3D has always been committed to keeping its technology at the forefront of the industry and providing usable applications worldwide‘, announced Artyom Yuchen, President and CEO of Artec 3D. ” Today, we are thrilled to take a bold step forward in building a heritage-focused digital community alongside Scan the World – capturing precious artifacts in great detail and making them accessible to all.. »

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