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The 30 Greatest Life Hacks of All Time

The 30 Greatest Life Hacks of All Time
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I live with some good hacks: My Pinterest boards and Instagram bookmarks are full of DIYs, cheats, and tips, from home projects to healthy swaps to general advice. Because the root of my obsession with wellness is an underlying desire to get the most out of life—even in the small, daily changes we call “breakthroughs,” or anything that makes life healthier, happier, or better. So when I saw the file The New York Times An op-ed called “The Greatest Life Hacks in the World (for Now)” went viral on TikTok, you know I was Chopping For her own (Paris Hilton is cool again, right?).

Full transparency, I’ve been thinking a lot about the wellness content we really want to cover on The Everygirl – what content actually makes people we will? Maybe it’s not about the latest foods, trends, supplements, and more about totally free everyday tips that change the way you think or how you go about your daily routine, and end up transforming your entire outlook on life. So I wanted to share with you the life hacks I’ve found to be the most powerful, transformative, and profound (yes, even when they’re super simple). Consider this list your modern day fairy godmother: it will help you completely transform your life (glass slippers not included). Read on for what I believe are the 30 greatest life hacks of all time.

1. You have something to talk about that is not other people and your judgments of them (FYI, Talking nonsense about other people makes you feel bad about it yourself).

2. Happiness is a skill, not a condition – practice it, don’t wait for it.

3. Mute or unfollow any social media account that doesn’t bring you joy or inspiration.

4. Time is a commodity to invest, not spend.

5. Unfollow your ex. No, but like seriously.

6. If you are not satisfied with something, change the conditions. If you can’t change the circumstances, change your way of thinking.

7. When you start to feel insecure, step outside of yourself: call a friend and ask how they are doing, make a donation to an organization you care about, or read a book about someone else’s experience (I swear it reduces your insecurities!).

8. Eat more whole foods from the earth (No, that’s the only nutrition or dietary advice you’ll need).

9. Say “Thank you for…” instead of “I am sorry for…”

10. Being with the wrong person is lonelier than being alone.

11. Replacing “I am too busy with…” with “It is not my priority to…” will make you wonder how you actually spend your time.

12. “No” is a complete sentence.

13. Keep a list on your phone of all the things that made you laugh out loud – you can read it anytime you want to laugh or cheer.

14. Remember, your appearance is not an achievement (your best self has nothing to do with a breakout, a cellulite spot, or gaining a few pounds).

15. Make your bed every morning. Don’t think about it, just do it.

16. When you feel a lack of something – be it time, energy, love or money – give more of it. You will realize how much you already have, and you will attract more of it to you.

17. With any health goal, work on balance rather than perfection.

18. Know that what you like in others is what you like in yourself; What you hate in others is what you hate in yourself.

19. When you feel low on energy, take a walk outside or get direct sunlight.

20. Think of self-care as a mindset, not a to-do list.

21. When feeling tense, respond physically: Release your shoulders, open your jaw, and take a deep breath.

22. Make your password your preferred confirmation so that you have to repeat it whenever you log in.

23. The secret to anyone liking you: Ask others more questions than you make statements about yourself.

24. Cover your mouth while you sleep. You’ll look weird, but you’ll never wake up so energized.

25. He ate a damn ice cream cone. Or a pastry, or a pasta dish, or any other dish [insert favorite food here]. Enjoy every bite of your life, and eat with mindfulness rather than insecurity.

26. You fall asleep thinking about all the things that went right that day.

27. Connect with the Earth more: Walk along the beach barefoot, swim in the ocean, literally hug a tree, or lay on the grass (it’s called grounding and it’s scientific AF, look it up).

28. Turn off all notifications on your phone. Getting notifications (from emails, iMessages, calls, DMs, etc.) means you’re in a constant state of reflex; Reclaim your power by only responding to messages or clicking on apps when you want to, not when your phone tells you to.

29. Feeling overwhelmed or too busy? Being in control of how you spend the first 30 minutes of your day will make you feel in control of the rest of your day.

30. Learn to be nice — really nice. This is the insanely powerful, yet most overlooked life hack.

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