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The Laundry Hack That Fixes Stains With A Household Cleaner

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You might think Windex is your window’s best friend. Not only does it keep the eyes of your home spirit sparkling, but it makes glass and mirror surfaces look like diamonds. There’s no doubt that this fabrication is a homeowner’s go-to for reflective finishes and materials, but you may not have realized its untapped potential for other uses. Windex can remove tough stains from your favorite clothes, and you don’t have to combine it with another detergent or product.

Spraying food stains and spots with clear Windex, then letting it soak for 20 minutes, will help loosen particles and dye that can leave behind unsightly marks on fabrics. This window cleaner works best on machine-washable clothes and non-silk items, and the Times Record notes that it’s most effective on red-colored messes like ketchup or marinara sauce. That’s not to say it can’t help remove other stains, but the chemicals inside the spray fight even the most saturated-colored foods and liquids, which is no small feat. You should use the clear product over the blue (or any alternative) because the dye from the colored Windex may end up staining the clothes more.

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