Two Tulus in Fantastic Beasts Credits!


This Wednesday, April 13th, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is in theaters. At least 8 ESMA alumni, including two from Toulouse, participated in the film’s special effects.

The majority of the film’s special effects were produced by the London studio Framestore. Structure with a world-class aura, known to ESMA, since it has recruited dozens of former graduates! Thus, 8 former students, including two from Toulouse, participated in the third Fantastic Beasts competition. Young or old, step into different worlds of movie special effects.

“It was a great experience, Toulousain witnesses Nicolas Chiaroot. This kind of film depicts people. It’s so fun to be involved. I can’t wait to see him in the cinema. He worked on the project for about 4 months. Specializes in lighting (3D scene lighting) and appearance development (Materials and textures), he had a great opportunity: he was the one who ensured the development of the appearance for many of the creatures, including Phoenix, the central character of the film!” He graduated in 2017, worked for 3 years at Framestore London, and has several films to his credit: Spiderman Far From Home, Avenger Infinity War, James Bond: Dying Can Wait, Kingsman 3…

Six months working for Louise

Louise Chassain, who graduated from ESMA in Toulouse 8 years ago, has worked in film for over 6 months. “I told the department head I wouldn’t leave Framestore without working on a licensed Harry Potter movie! I owe it to my 12-year-old, who was a huge fan of this universe! Having his name in the credits is a thing.” Fabric artist, applying motifs (color , skin, etc) on 3D objects and creatures. She also had the opportunity to work on an important (but still secret) creature from the movie A to Z.” It’s my first time working on such an important project. When you see the result on the big screen, it is a real pride. This is part of the projects we hold in our hearts, in a profession. Having joined Framestore 4 years ago, she has worked privately at Downtown Abbey, Spider Man Far From Home or Matrix 4.

If they both enjoyed the project so much, it was because for once they had real freedom. Louise asserts, “We could put our stamp on it. The concepts required were vague. Our supervisors were very responsive. There really is a part of me in the creature. It was a real creative process! Nicholas shares the same analysis.” We had everything to do. Customers leave a lot of creativity. As for the phoenix, they were only asking for a phoenix. I managed to put a little of myself in it! »

Returning to Toulouse, Nicolas is currently working as a freelancer at the Cinesite studio, taking part in future blockbuster films. “My goal was to work on great films. ESMA training provides an excellent grounding in production. This makes us qualified in a forex broker. Louise is sometimes surprised by how far she has come.” Everything that has happened in 8 years is nothing. It is a victory for oneself. She asserts that the ESMA training taught her “to work for herself and as a team. It provides a foundation in all disciplines. Even if after that, you have to try it.”

A movie that happened on Wednesday in theaters

The return of Norbert Scamander and his strange creatures! At the request of Professor Albus Dumbledore, he will have to form a team of wizards to fight Gellert Grindelwald to save the wizarding world…

This third episode of Fantastic Beasts, titled The Secrets of Dumbledore, could be the last movie dedicated to the Harry Potter universe. For the occasion, massive resources were dedicated, with a budget of $200 million and an XXL staff team that brings together Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen.


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