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Woman Comes up With Genius Kitchen Storage Hack Using Magnetic Shelves

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If you suffer from small kitchen syndrome and have a lot of things that you have room for – don’t worry. There are tools for that, from Amazon — of course!

TikTok creator Lauren DiTomaso shares in her video how she stores her collection of portable Starbucks cups, conveniently with the help of a few Amazon tools! Let’s find out what!

magnet! How genius.

Honestly, these are great!

Of course, the FEULAM Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer is made to hold spices in place; However, you can obviously use them for other things, like reusable Starbucks cups.

As long as it’s not too heavy, these bad boys can definitely hold it together and be pretty sturdy. However, this only works if the refrigerator is exposed. This is usually the case in small homes, where the refrigerator is next to the stove. Therefore, it is easy to have spices, sauces and oil next to it.

But Lauren needed help organizing her Starbucks cups—not her spices, so this magnetic spice rack came in handy because it’s relatively wide rather than narrow.

You guessed it right, the TikTok community loved it too, like anything Amazon related. Some even have other suggestions for a magnetic spice rack.

As stated by TikToker @darklove676,

“LED strips should be put on it and lit!”

Yes sure! That would be nice! Almost as if they were in a store display case.

TikToker @dhanson13 commented,

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