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Woman Has Genius Curtain Hack That Makes Tiny Rooms Look Bigger

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If you live in a small space, you’ve probably tried all the tricks to make it look bigger. Painting all the walls white, keeping the color palette muted – which is boring if you have personality and like…enjoy colour. Keep your furnishings to a minimum and the furniture you own is sleek, slim, and modern — but if you love bold or antique pieces, this doesn’t quite fit your desired aesthetic. Or maybe you’ve hung mirrors everywhere to make it look a little bigger, which is so flattering when seeing your reflection in every inch of the room… no.

Current small room owner and TikToker @sandras.home.life posted a video showing us a small room hack that actually makes the room look bigger and totally doesn’t affect your style.

We’re not quite sure how this works but it works!

If you have a large glass door or window, all you need are four curtains, two sheer and two of whatever color you like, and a large curtain rod that runs the length of the wall.

The person hangs the rod as close to the ceiling as possible and puts the transparent curtains on each side of the glass door, and on the other sides of the transparent curtains, puts the dark curtains on the other side, extending from both sides of the door. Wall up to sheer curtains.

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