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Woman’s “Fine Art” Hack Is Simply Genius

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I love a beautiful framed piece of art, however, no matter how much I appreciate such fine art, my portfolio doesn’t always agree with my tastes.

If that’s you too, then you’ll want to try this simple yet genius hack from the TikTokwallblush account. Not only is it easy to do, but it’s beautiful and renter-friendly, too!

Isn’t this technical hack just genius?! All she did was peel it off and put three panels of this beautiful metallic paint wallpaper on a wall in her home and add a DIY thin wood frame to the wallpaper and simply remove the excess wallpaper, using a knife to do so.

This simple, renter-friendly art hack has created stunning 48″ x 48″ framed art, and I’m in awe of the simplicity of this DIY art hack, plus how cute this wallpaper looks! Unsurprisingly, their followers and viewers in the comments section liked this tech hack as much as I did. “That’s a great idea!” @emjayne18 wrote. “Clever,” @2busydancing commented. “So creative,” shared @lita7605. @kivabrent wrote: “A creative collaboration.”

If you’re interested in trying this art hack in your own space and want the exact same wallpaper, this design is called “Talia” by Wall Blush.

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